It's how we teach and, more importantly, how our students learn that changes everything.


Colleges want Waldorf students.

Why? They can think on their feet and they’re socially ready to move into the world.

Over three million dollars in merit-based scholarships can’t be wrong. The graduating class of 2016, a class of 25, was offered over 3 million dollars in merit-based scholarships at top universities and colleges. Graduates of the 8th grade consistently test into selective enrollment high schools.

If you’ve had the experience of binding a book, knitting a sock, playing a recorder, then you feel that you can build a rocket ship—or learn a software program you’ve never touched. It’s not bravado, just a quiet confidence. There is nothing you can’t do. Why couldn’t you? Why couldn’t anybody?
— Peter Nitze, Waldorf and Harvard graduate and Director of an aerospace company