It's how we teach that changes everything.

Early Childhood

Ages 2-5

Our Early Childhood program allows children to engage in playful activities both indoors and outdoors. Through play, children develop the capacity for creative thinking, problem solving, and social skills through their imaginative interactions. Movement and physical play now lay a strong foundation for future academic success.   Apply Today  


Grade School

Grades 1-5

Our students can focus at a desk when they need to because they don’t sit at a desk all day. Movement, art, and music are integrated into all the academic subjects - allowing students to learn the best way they know how, by doing. Our classrooms are truly rooted in relationships. Each class gets a team of six expert educators who teach the children for multiple years.   Apply Today  


Middle School

grades 6-8

Now is the time to push the boundaries of exploration and innovation, while expanding on the capacity for critical thinking. The academic rigor of subjects increases significantly as students dive into subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Geometry. Students take on growing personal responsibility in their classwork while learning time management skills to balance school work with extracurricular activities.  Apply Today  


High School

Grades 9-12

Through our expansive curriculum, students are exposed to subject areas which they might not seek on their own. Academic subjects like sciences and humanities are taught in an intensive block schedule that stresses depth over breadth, while English, Math, and Foreign Language are taught throughout the semester. Music, Drama, Painting, and other arts are required classes, not electives. This challenges students to work in unfamiliar subjects and to persevere through topics that may not be their key interest — a skill that prepares them for life.  Apply Today →